We have a long experience in project management in an international environment. We focus mainly on marketing communications, IT and team coaching.


When we join or start up a project our main focus lies on making people come together and work towards a common goal.


Through a coaching leadership approach we explain, inform, lead and motivate the project members. We interact. We coach. We have one goal. To make the project a success.


The coaching follows the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics. Coaching is a creative process inspiring clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.


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Telephone: +46 70 698 1623

E-mail: info@citatop.com

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I had the privilege of working with Gunnar in late 2011 and early 2012. Gunnar is a motivating, professional and inspiring coach with a real interest in seeing his clients grow. A session with Gunnar is not a ‘simple chat’ but rather a journey through insights you did not know you have. I would recommend any professional to see a coach like Gunnar, not just for a specific problem, as the sessions will no doubt enable you to unlock that well-hidden potential most people have not begun to explore.




...came onboard our international web shop project as the Project Leader. Even though the project team members were on diffferent continents and with different agendas and responsibilites, Gunnar managed to get the team to focus on one common goal, launching a global web shop. Thanks to his interpersonal skills, ability to motivate people and to get the job done, the project really took off when he joined the team.





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